Nous sommes ravis d’avoir interviewé Fred Swaniker le fondateur de l’African Leadership University sur son Campus ( ALC ) sur le thème de l’investissement dans le capital humain en Afrique.

Ci-dessous les questions en anglais que nous lui avons posé pendant cette conférence.

  1. Did you always dream of being an entrepreneur

  2. What inspired you to start African Leadership University ( ALU )

  3. What is your big hairy, audacious goal here at ALU

  4. Why did you choose Mauritius as your first Campus and how do you decide on future location

  5. How is ALU different from Traditional universities

  6. Tell us a time you failed as an Entrepreneur

  7. 50% of the University graduates in Africa are unemployed , what do you see as a solution

  8. If you had 1 Billion $ to invest in Africa’s growth what would you invest in?